Mrs Anthea Murr

Senior Lecturer Social Work

Email address: Phone number: 01902 323416 Location: Wolverhampton Faculty: Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing School/Institute: Institute of Public Health Social Work and Care Areas of expertise: Practice Education, Mental Health, Mental Health Law (MHA1983, MCA2005, MHA2007)


I am a qualified, registered social worker and social work lecturer with interests in practice education and mental health. I qualified as a Psychiatric Social Worker and worked in Cheshire and Shropshire before becoming a lecturer. I jointly co-ordinate the Master’s Award in Social Work, coordinate first and final placement modules on MA and BA social work awards, and teach theories and methods of social work. I am a member of the Learning and Teaching sub-committee of Joint Universities Council’s Social Work Education Committee. With Graeme Simpson I have published research in practice education and adult social care policy.

Research interests

  • Analysis of adult social care social policy
  • Analysis of professional decision-making (social work, Best Interests Assessors, Approved Mental health Professionals)
  • Analysis of Assessment of Practice

Membership of professional bodies


Expiry Date

CQSW/PSW - University of Manchester (Victoria)

ASW Award - Cheshire Social Services Training




BA, MA and CPD Social Work Award and Assessment Boards



Date attained

Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education

Post Grad Certificate in Social Work Education (with CCETSW Practice Teaching

Award) - University of Wolverhampton

MSc Psychiatric Social Work - University of Manchester (Victoria)

Post Grad. Diploma in Social Administration - University of Manchester (Victoria)

BA (Hons) Theology - University of Birmingham







Qualification currently being undertaken: 


Expected completion date

Doctor of Education



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  • Waterhouse, T., McLagan, S. & Murr, A (2009) Enabling others effectively –Report executive summary. Skills for Care
  • Waterhouse, T., McLagan, S. and Murr, A. (2011) From practitioner to practice educator. Practice: Social Work in Action 23:2 pp 95 – 110
  • Simpson, G. and Murr, A. (2013) The 'not yet competent' student: exploring narratives of failure. Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning 11(3) pp 118-134
  • Murr, A. and Waterhouse, T. (2014) The Impact of Space and Place in Matthews, S. et al (Eds) Approved Mental Health Practice. Basingstoke: Macmillan
  • Simpson, G. and Murr, A. (2014) Re-conceptualising Well-being: Social Work, Economics and Choice. Culture Unbound Vol 6 pp 891-904
  • Simpson, G. and Murr, A. (2015 in publication) The Dialectics of Change in Social Work Education Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning

  Conference Presentations

  • Hanson, D. and Murr, A. (2003) Using web-based scenarios in practice learning NOPT
  • Conference
  • Waterhouse, T. & Murr, A. (2009) From practitioner to practice educator 11t Joint
  • Universities Council Social Work Education Conference
  • Simpson, G. and Murr, A. (2014) Do not disconnect from power source whilst up-dates are installed. 10th International Conference on Practice Teaching and Field Education in Health and Social Work.

Previous professional experience


Date From

Date To

Shropshire Social Services, Social Worker Community Mental Health


Leave to do Voluntary Service Overseas (Kenya)

Cheshire Social Services, Social Worker Community Mental Health  Team


Community Worker, Methodist Social Care Projects, Finchley, North London

Variety of voluntary work, including advice, night shelter provision,

anti-deportation and homelessness campaigning

July 1994


February 1997

September 1990

August 1986


June 1982

January 2001


December 1998

August 1993


August 1988

September 1985