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Professor Andrew Lane

NameProfessor Andrew Lane
Job TitleProfessor of Sport and Learning
SchoolSchool of Sport, Performing Arts and Leisure
Tel01902 32 2862


Biographical summary

Andrew Lane is a Professor of Sport Psychology at the University of Wolverhampton. He is accredited from the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) for scientific support and research and Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. He has authored more than 100 peer refereed journal articles and edited two books. 

He is a member of the Emotion regulation of others and self research network ( investigating emotion regulation in sport and other settings. He sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine and Journal of Hospitality, Sport, Tourism, Education, and advisory boards for the Journal of Sports Sciences. He has organised two national conferences, including the annual BASES conference.

His applied work has involved a number of clients including the English Institute of Sport and the London Boxing Association working with an athlete preparing for World Championship contests. A former amateur boxer, he remains active in sport as a runner and duathlete and after shedding 20 kilos is enjoying competition again.

Teaching responsibilities

Teaching related activities

Andrew gives lecturers on undergraduate to postgraduate sport and exercise psychology modules. He supervises students taking MSc and undergraduate dissertations. Andrew gives Research methods lectures for Doctoral students including running workshops on research skills for doctoral research students.

Non teaching responsibilities

  • Chair School ethics committee
  • Member of university professoriate
  • Member of University of Wolverhampton ethics committee
  • Member of School Positive Working Environment Committee
  • Memver of School Professor/reader group
  • Member of school research committee

Research Interests

Emotion, emotion regulation, psychological skills, validity and reliability.


  • 1998: Awarded PhD Sport Psychology, Brunel University.
  • 1994: Awarded MSc Sports Sciences, Brunel University.
  • 1992: Awarded PGCE in Physical Education, Brunel University.
  • 1991: Awarded BA (Hons) 2:1 Sports Studies and History, West London Institute of Higher Education.
  • 1991:  Passed coaching qualifications: Badminton, basketball, boxing, fencing, swimming, trampoline, and weightlifting.

Employment History

  • 2004-Present: Professor of Sport and Learning
  • 2003-2004: Seconded researcher for the Centre of Learning and Teaching.
  • 2002-June 2004: Appointed Reader in Sport and Exercise Psychology.
  • 2000-2002: Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology, MSc co-ordinator and subject leader for Sport and Exercise Psychology.
  • 1996-2000: Lecturer in Sport Psychology and Research Methods. Subject leader for research methods, Brunel University.
  • 1992-1995: Deputy Head of Physical Education Department, Park High School, Stanmore, Middlesex

End-user engagement: Media and consultancy

Publications and conference papers

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H2>Consultancy related activity
  • 2010: Consultant psychologist to the Virgin London Marathon providing website material:
  • General help: see (21,712 webhits and 3558 people signed up to receive the monthly updates)
  • Motivation:
  • Rough Guide to running.
  • Get monthly motivation: February 2010: February: Making fatigue my friend
  • Get monthly motivation: March 2010: February: Making the most out of half-marathon races
  • Get monthly motivation: April 2010: February: Making fatigue my friend
  • April 2010 Raise your Game. Article on preparing for London Marathon:
  • 2009 November: Blue Monday. How exercise can beat the winter blues. (covered on the University of Wolverhampton webpage:
  • 2009: Running psychology: improve your performance.
  • 2009: Visiting professor, University of Metz. Week visit to Metz to share research findings.
  • 2009: Emotion control is a key to success.
  • 2009: Research to reveal emotional side of running: page=21523
  • 2009: Lecturers train lawyer for North Pole Marathon. page=16614
  • 2009: Emotion regulation = personal best.
  • 2007: Sport psychology consultant to Irish Institute of Sport: Boxing.
  • 2006. Sport science consultant for Peak Performance
  • 2006: Sport Science consultant for Trail Magazine
  • 2006: Consultant with athlete completing the marathon Des Sable.
  • 2005: National Lead for psychology (acting), English Institute of Sport.
  • 2004-present: Sport science council member for Powerade, the Sports drink.
  • 2002-present: Psychological support to professional boxing organisation the London Boxing Academy.
  • 2002:  Psychological support to the GB Biathlon in preparation for the Olympic games during training camps in Tignes, France and Avigmore Scotland.
  • 2000-present: Psychological support for a professional soccer player.
  • 2001:  Sport psychology consultant to professional soccer players rehabilitating at Lilleshall.
  • 2001:  Sport Psychology consultant to elite sailors, Marseille, France.
  • 1998-2001: Psychological support for an elite amateur boxer.
  • 1998-2000: Psychological support for the World Middleweight boxing champion. This involved preparing the boxer to compete in two World Title Fights and one non-title fight.
  • 1997-2000: Sport Psychologist to the London Cycling Support Project. Psychological support was provided to over 40 cyclists.
  • 1997:  Mental preparation skills for elite shooters. Presented to the British shooting association.
  • 1997:  Integrating demands of sport with other life stresses. Presented to the London region netball squad.

Media work includes giving regular expert comment on various aspects of sport psychology. Andrew has given interviews on television and radio programmes. He has taken part on a debate on boxing with promoter Frank Maloney for a Sky TV, participated in debates on preparation for World Cup and Olympic preparation. Andrew's work was featured in a research article in the Times Higher Education Supplement. He is often asked to give expert comments for numerous popular magazines. Examples from the last 12 months include Slimming World, Glamour magazine, Runner’s World, the Daily Telegraph, and The Sun.

Membership of Professional Organisations

  • British Psychological Society
  • British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Review Boards

  • Associate editor in chief and subject editor for psychology on the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine. Edited two issues on combat sport.
  • Subject editor for Sport for Higher Education Academy Journal, The Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education.
  • Editorial advisory board member: Journal of Sports Sciences.
  • Expert reviewer for research grant applications submitted to the Economic and Social Research Council, Nuffield Foundation, Irish Sports Council, and British Academy.
  • Former Editorial board member: Medicine in Science of Sport and Exercise; 2005-2008.
  • 2005-2010. Editor: Sport and Exercise Scientist. Publication of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

External examiner positions include: MPhil and PhD students at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, MSc external examiner to BPS Sport Psychology degree, Staffordshire University, MPhil Examiner: Brunel University, PhD examiner, Bangor University, PhD Examiner, Nottingham Trent University, PhD examiner, University of Stockholm, Sweden, PhD Examiner, University of Research Institute for Olympic Sports, Jyväskylä, Finland,external examiner for sport and exercise science undergraduate programme, Christ College Canterbury, external examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate Applied Sport Sciences Courses, University of Portsmouth.

Awards Received

  • 2006: American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance best writing award for paper co-authored with Iain Greenlees and Richard Thelwell.
  • 2005: Best established researcher award for Sport Sciences, BASES.
  • 2004: Tracey Devonport (co-author), Phillip Reed Memorial Prize, BASES.
  • 2000: Bernard Streeter (co-author), Phillip Reed Memorial Prize, BASES.
  • 1999: David Lovejoy (co-author) Student BASES.
  • 1998: Young investigators award at the European College of Sport Science Congress.
  • 1997: The Psychology prize at the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) Conference.
  • 2010. British Psychology Conference grant, £1000 to share with fellow presenters.
  • 2010-2012: A strategic partnership approach to improving health and wellbeing in NHS staff; £389k. Member of project team.
  • 2008-2012: ESRC: Emotion Regulation on Others and Self (EROS), a 4-year Research Network. £2.9 million.
  • 2005: £800 Conference Support Grant British Academy.
  • 2005: 11,691.25. Crowd singing and performance. Funded by Guinness.
  • 2003-2004 CELT funded projects: £7427.95:
  • £5,000 from the Learning and Teaching Support Network for Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism to fund a project titled ‘Changes in self-efficacy as function of self-esteem and performance accomplishments among students taking research methods’.
  • £1,000 from the Sports Council to present a paper at the American Association of Applied Sport Psychology Conference, Orlando, Florida, October 2001.
  • £5,000 from the Centre for Learning and Teaching to fund projects titled ‘Differentiation via WOLF: Providing steps to achievement’ and ‘self-efficacy and academic performance among sport science students’.
  • £2,000 from the British Academy to fund a project titled ‘attitudes toward eating disorders among an exercise population’.

Links to professional bodies

  • 2010-2012: Member of the International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport, Glasgow, June, 2012.
  • 2010-2012. Member of the Economic and Social Research Council review college.
  • 2009: Registered Practising Psychologist with the Health Professionals Council.
  • 2008-2012: Member of research network for the project Emotion Regulation in Others and Self. A £2.3 million funded project over 4-years by the Economic and Social Research Council.
  • 2007- present: Committee member for the International Association of Applied Psychology
  • 2006: Organiser of the 2006 British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Conference, From Education to Application’, University of Wolverhampton, September 11-13th.
  • 2006: Re-accredited Sport Psychologist for Research and Scientific Support from the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES).
  • 2005: Awarded Chartered status and Practising Certificate as a Psychologist by the British Psychological Society (BPS).
  • 2005: Organiser of the Higher Education Academy subject centre for Sport Conference, University of Wolverhampton, March.
  • 2005-2006: Acting National Lead for Psychology, English Institute of Sport (EIS).
  • 2001: Accredited by BASES as a Sport Psychologist for Research and Scientific Support.

Selected publications

Devonport, T. J., & Lane, A. M. (2014). Evaluation of a twelve-month coping intervention intended to enhance future-oriented coping in goal oriented domains. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology. 2014, 8, 38-56.

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