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Meet our PhD students

This page shows details of our PhD and their research areas, as well as some of their successess, news and publications.

Current PhD students

Student NameResearch Title/AreaDirector of Studies

 Sumera Ahmed

Intentional forgetting (Directed Forgetting)

Dr Tom Mercer

 Manpal Bhogal

Sexual Selection and the Evolution of Fairness

Dr Niall Galbraith

 Luigi Bonetti

A longitudinal cohort study on the perceptions and psychosocial consequences of Internet use by school students with and without special educational needs and disabilities

Dr Chris Fullwood

 Ben Bridgwater

A Longitudinal study of non-clinical delusional belief in adolescence

Dr Niall Galbraith

 Azar Khansari Eftekhar

Personality as a predictor of visual self-presentation and motivations for photo-sharing via social media

Dr Chris Fullwood

 Luke Fisher

Memory resilience: Factors affecting a memory's resistance to retroactive interference

Dr Tom Mercer

 Nicola Fox-Hamilton

Homophily in attraction: linguistic encoding of personality and culture in online dating 

Dr Chris Fullwood

 Rachel Harrad

Self evaluations and social media

Dr Chris Fullwood

 UgochukwuI Ikwuka

Perceptions of Mental Illness in south-eastern Nigeria: Causal Beliefs, Attitudes, Help-seeking Pathways and Barriers to Help-seeking

Dr Niall Galbraith

 Claire Jones

Subclinical Delusional Ideation and Reasoning 

Dr Niall Galbraith

 Theresa Kinnersley

Implicit Vs explicit learning and the actualisation of potential within a conductive rehabilitation setting; implications for teaching individuals with a progressive neurological condition.

Dr Debra Cureton

 Elizabeth Raye

Resilience across the lifespan in adults with a learning disability

Dr Darren Chadwick

 Stephanie Rhodes

Investigating the Domain- Specificity of the Jump to Conclusions Bias in Sub- Clinical Delusional Thinking

Dr Niall Galbraith

 Audrey Stenson

An investigation of the role of public and private online friendships amongst student college groups in relation to college adjustment.

Dr Alison Attrill

 Theresa Summerfield

Exploring the social and educational aspects of textspeak use by typically- and non-typically developing young people

Dr Chris Fullwood


Inter-student mentoring scheme

The doctoral mentoring scheme has been designed to enable doctoral students the opportunity of supporting their fellow students. The mentoring system is in three tiers, where students in the middle of their studies are mentors to students at the beginning of their studies.

Additionally, students at the end of their studies can mentor those in the middle to support them with the experiences they are going to encounter. Find out more.