Promoting Inclusion, Communication & Wellbeing with People with Learning Disabilities

Wolverhampton Intellectual Disability Network (WIDeN)

Date: Wednesday 16 September 2015

The 1-day conference of the Wolverhampton Intellectual Disability Network (WIDeN) an interdisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners, who work with people with learning disabilities and those who support them, took place at the University of Wolverhampton.

We had over 70 delegates attend the conference. The day provided the opportunity for coming together to network and build positive relationships with people in our local community and beyond.

Presentations from the day can be viewed and downloaded below:







Welcome & Introduction (PDF 2,141K, Downloads file)

 Dr Darren Chadwick & Sarah Gorman


Prof Juliet Goldbart

The role of communication in the quality of life of people with profound intellectual impairment (PDF 1,392K, Downloads file)

Prof Juliet Goldbart, Manchester Metropolitan University




Olga KozlowskaDavid Sallah

Improving the experience of people with learning disabilities from ethnic minority and new migrant communities: Lessons from the ‘Here to Stay’ research project (PDF 3,670K, Downloads file)

‌‌Prof David Sallah and Dr Olga Kozlowska, University of Wolverhampton


“Saying the F*** word”: Are people with learning disabilities allowed to swear? (PDF 732K, Downloads file)

‌Dr Stephanie Brewster, University of Wolverhampton

The role of technology in enabling inclusion and citizenship (PDF 2,895K, Downloads file)

‌Dr Liz Tilly, University of Wolverhampton/Building Bridges Training

 ‌Prof Juliet Goldbart

Knowing when I’m sick & helping me stay healthy: What Parents think about healthcare communication for family with Profound Intellectual & Multiple Disabilities (PDF 2,792K, Downloads file)

 Dr Darren Chadwick, Jane Jolliffe, Alison Traynor, Jackie Barker, Jean Holt & Prof Juliet Goldbart

Manchester Learning Disability Partnership, The University of Wolverhampton & Manchester Metropolitan University




3.00 – 3.45

Olga Kozlowska

The orthopaedic and trauma hospital experiences of adults with a learning disability: A Pilot Study (PDF 1,250K, Downloads file)

 ‌ Mary Drozd, Christine Clinch, Dr Darren Chadwick & Dr Olga KozlowskaUniversity of Wolverhampton

Innovative & Inclusive Interviewing for Nurse Learning Disability Course (PDF 262K, Downloads file)

Sara Gorman, Lynne Westwood, Mich‌ael Welsh & Steve Neville-Wu, University of Wolverhampton


Small things that make a big difference

         Dr Liz Tilly, Building Bridges




Discussions and Reflections on the day (PDF 429K, Downloads file)

         Dr Liz Tilly, Maxine Wood & Dr   Darren Chadwick