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Midwives are caring and understanding individuals, who need to have a sensitive nature and be willing to look after women from a range of social and ethnic backgrounds. Good communication skills are essential in this career as is the need to be flexible and work with different teams.

The role of a Midwife 

The role of a midwife goes much further than delivering babies. Although the birth itself is at the heart of the process, midwives also provide support to women, babies, partners and families from conception right through to the first phase of post-natal care. A midwife is therefore the main contact for the expectant mother.

Maternity unit experience

You will get the chance to work in maternity units and experience first hand the care needed to look after pregnant women and their families. Opportunities exist for you to work in a number of environments including hospital settings, GP Practices or in the community. There are a host of learning opportunities, following registration as a Midwife, and career paths that you will be able to follow.

Course fees

Your course fees are currently paid for by the NHS meaning you do not need to pay anything towards fees. You may also be eligible for a means tested bursary whilst on the course.

Future Prospects

As a registered midwife you will be able to practice within NHS hospitals, in community settings or as an independant practitioner. You may also pursue a career in management, research or teaching. For more info go to NHS careers.

Considering further study? Why not consider our Masters in Midwifery Studies for Registered midwives.

Want to become a midwife?

The courses are split between the theory and practical skills needed to care for pregnant women, delivering babies, educating and supporting parents. The courses available involve experience in all aspects of midwifery practice, both in community and hospital settings.

Want to return to Midwifery?

Previously qualified midwives can renew their registration and re-enter the Register following a break in practice. The Return to Midwifery Practice course aims to meet the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) regulatory requirements for doing this.

Short courses and modules