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When should I apply for my NHS Bursary?

We notify the NHS Grants Unit, by way of a BUR99 form, that you will be commencing your Nurse/Midwifery training with us, at the same time we send you your DBS and medical information pack. Therefore, once you have received your DBS and medical information pack from the University, you can start the process for applying for your NHS Bursary.

How do I apply for my NHS Bursary?

You can download your application form directly from the NHS Grants website.

What is the turn-around time on Bursary applications?

The standard turn-around time is 30 days from receipt of the Universities BUR99 notification and then a further 30 days from receipt of your application. However, please note during peak periods of the year, this turn-around time may take longer.

Where do I obtain my unique NHS Grants Unit Number?

Your unique NHS Grants Unit number will be issued to you directly by the NHS Grants Unit. If you have not received this and you are completing your Bursary application form, you will need to state "To Follow" in the space for your unique number.

How much Bursary will I be entitled to?

From September 2012, all new eligible students will be eligible for a £1,000 grant. They will also be eligible for a means tested bursary and a maintenance loan. The maximum means-tested bursary available is £3351 (living with parents) and £4395 (not living with parents).

When will I receive my first Bursary payment?

Your first Bursary payment will be made once you are in attendance and fully enrolled onto your chosen Nursing/Midwifery award. The University’s Student Office provides an update on current enrolled Nursing/Midwifery students every Friday afternoon.

The NHS Grants Unit state that they have not received notification from the University that I will be commencing my Nurse/Midwifery training, what do I do?

If the NHS Grants Unit inform you that they have not received notification (BUR99) from the University, firstly, please check that you are not making contact with the NHS Grants Unit less than 30 days from receipt of your DBS and medical pack. If you are making contact with the NHS Grants Unit after 30 days from receipt of your DBS and medical pack, please log a helpdesk call on e:vision to inform us that the NHS Grants Unit has not received our notification and we will investigate this further.

What can I use my NHS Bursary for?

Your NHS Bursary is essential for cost of living expenses whilst you are studying.

Will I have to use my NHS Bursary to pay for my tuition fees?

No, you will not be required to use your NHS Bursary to pay for your tuition fees. The NHS fund tuition fees for all pre-registration Nursing and Midwifery awards.

I have previously studied Nursing/Midwifery, will I still be entitled to the NHS Bursary?

Your entitlement will all depend on how long ago you studied and how much Bursary you have previously received. For further information on your entitlement, please contact the NHS student helpline directly on 0845 358 6655.

I wish to undertake a conversion from one branch of Nursing to another, will I be entitled to receive the NHS Bursary?

Unfortunately, if you are already a Registered Nurse or Midwife and wish to study Nursing further, you will not be entitled to the NHS Bursary. It is required that your Trust either second you or sponsor you to undertake further training.

I am transferring from another institution, do I need to inform the NHS Grants Unit?

The University will notify the NHS Grants Unit that you will be transferring. However, it is advisable that you make contact with the NHS Grants Unit to advise them of your intentions.

I am classed as an Overseas student, will I be entitled to the NHS Bursary?

Unfortunately, Overseas students are not entitled to the NHS Bursary. In order to be eligible for receipt of the NHS Bursary and Nursing/Midwifery training, it is required that you meet the minimum residences requirements and be assessed as a Home student.

Where can I find out further information about the NHS Bursary?

Further information about the NHS Bursary can be found on the NHS Student Bursaries website or by telephoning them directly on 0845 385 6655.