The University of Wolverhampton

Teacher training interviews

The selection process at the Institute of Education is designed to assess academic ability, personal qualities and experience.

Once your application has been forwarded to the Admissions Tutor, your suitability for the course is individually assessed.

If you appear suitable, you will be offered an interview where you are required to complete a short audit related to your chosen subject area (English, maths and science for Primary applicants) and sit a short interview with an experienced member of university staff.

Interview content

Although the format of your interview will vary depending upon what age/subject/course you have chosen, you should generally try to tailor your answers to reflect on:

  • your commitment to, and understanding of, primary, secondary or further education and the role of the teacher/lecturer
  • effective personal, intellectual and communication skills
  • a positive attitude towards children and working with children
  • your enthusiasm for, and understanding of, your subject(s) and teaching in general
  • clear and accurate spoken English

What to bring to interview

When attending an interview for a teacher training programme you will need to bring the following items with you.

  • All academic certificates relating to the course entry requirements
  • Two forms of identification (one photographic)
  • Evidence of your classroom experience (portfolio)
  • Pens/pencils

Additional items may be required so remember to check the directions given in your invitation to interview.