Finance - funding available to trainees

School Direct Training Programme (Salaried)

You will be paid a salary by the school in which you train. This salary will be in-line with the unqualified teacher rate at a local authority maintained school, (for September 2013 this amounted to £15,817 for those training outside of London) or at the advertised rate at an academy. You will not need to pay fees to cover the cost of your qualified teacher status (QTS) award. You will not be eligible for a training bursary.

School Direct Training Programme (Tuition) - PGCE with QTS

You could be eligible for a tax-free bursary of up to £30,000, depending on the subject you want to teach and the degree class that you hold, you will need at least a 2:2 degree to be eligible for a training bursary.

In addition, there is a 25 per cent premium paid on the bursaries of School Direct trainees whose training is based in a school where more than 35 per cent of pupils are eligible for free school meals.

You will need to pay tuition fees to cover the cost of your course, at the University of Wolverhampton this is currently £9,000.

Bursary funding for non-salaried Postgraduate Teacher Training courses 2018/19 (1)

Subject Scholarships* Trainee with 1st/PHD 2:1/Master's    2:2
Physics      £30,000             £30,000     £25,000 £25,000
Maths      £27,500             £25,000     £25,000 £25,000
Languages      £27,500             £25,000     £25,000 £25,000
Computing      £27,500             £25,000     £25,000 £25,000
Geography      £27,500             £25,000     £25,000 £25,000
Chemistry      £27,500             £25,000     £20,000 £20,000
Biology          -             £15,000     £12,000   £10,000
D&T          -              £12,000      £9,000     £0
English          -              £9,000      £9,000     £0
History, Music, R.E.          -               £9,000      £4,000     £0
Primary Mathematics (2)          -              £6,000      £6,000 £6,000
Primary          -              £3,000           -      -


  1. Applicants with a degree from outside the UK should refer to the equivalency table to see if their degree is likely to attract a bursary, or should consult their chosen training provider.
  2. Trainee teachers on primary mathematics courses, with at least a B at A level in mathematics (or equivalent), will be eligible for a bursary of £6,000.

*Information taken from the DfE Get into Teaching Website. Visit this site to find out more about elidgability for this funding including criteria for scholarships. 

Student finance - School Direct Training Programme (Tuition) only

All candidates from the EU are eligible for a tuition fee loan. In addition, candidates from the UK can also apply for a means-tested national maintenance grant of up to £3,250. offers further information about student finance, including a finance calculator to help estimate the grants and loans that may be available to you.

Further details relating to funding that is available in specific subjects can be found at

Physics Scholarships

The Institute of Physics (IOP) will be awarding 150 scholarships worth £25,000 to the very best candidates starting PGCE or School Direct (non-salaried) physics teacher training in the 2014/15 academic year. To be considered for an IOP Scholarship you will need to have outstanding knowledge of school-level physics and the potential to become an inspirational teacher. Each scholarship also includes IOP membership and mentoring from a physics specialist to support you during your early career. Applications are now open. For the full eligibility criteria and online application form visit