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BA (Hons) Computer Games Design

The Computer Games Design course introduces students to all the processes involved in the design and construction of computer games. Unlike some other courses, it does not just focus on one aspect. It covers the art and design aspects as well as the construction and development aspects of computer games. Students will be involved from the initial idea generation to making the final game. They work both individually and as part of a team.

The focus of the course is not on programming, hardware, or software training. Its main focus is on creativity, innovation, ideas generation, drawing and design, critical thinking, problem solving and passion for games. Yes, you will use wide range of software packages; yes, you will do coding; yes, you should know something about the gaming hardware. But all because you want to bring your creative game design ideas to life. There is a fine balance between theory and practice in this course.

Why choose this course?

  • You will join one of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial areas of the UK creative industries’ economy.
  • This course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the computer games environment, building on time, space and movement in relation to interactive narrative structures, games design and conventions and character development.
  • It will examine game strategy, game concept and development, animation, video and sound in an interactive context.
  • You will learn appropriate planning methodologies.
  • This course seeks to develop your technical skills, explore techniques in scriptwriting and visual narratives, and develop teamwork skills.
  • The course will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to enable you to formulate original concepts presented as storyboards and working artwork, supported by an awareness of realisation techniques relevant to game content and production.
  • You will acquire the skills to develop a finished game production.

What happens at each level in Games?

Examples of student work:

Career development:

This course prepares your for a potential careers as an art director, visualiser and designer in the computer games industry.

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