Dr Glyn Hambrook

Reader in Comparative and European Literature

Glyn Hambrook
Email address: G.Hambrook@wlv.ac.uk Phone number: 01902 323330 Location: MC338 Faculty: Faculty of Arts School/Institute: School of Humanities Areas of expertise: Comparative and European Literature


A practitioner of comparative literature by vocation and formation, I have worked at The University (formerly Polytechnic) of Wolverhampton since 1981. Before so doing, I studied for my Bachelor’s degree and PhD at the University of Nottingham, UK, and taught for two years at higher education institutions in France and Spain. To date, I have over sixty academic publications to my name (single- or joint-authored).

I have supervised to completion PhDs in Bulgaria, France and the UK and examined doctoral theses in Bulgaria, France, Spain and the UK. My long association with the British Comparative Literature Association includes service on its executive committee and co-editorship of its journal, Comparative Critical Studies. I also enjoy close links with the comparative literature communities in France and Spain through, respectively, membership of the editorial board of the Revue de Littérature Comparée and collaboration in conference organisation and publication with the Sociedad Española de Literatura General y Comparada.

As regards participation in national research evaluation in the UK, my work has been submitted in every assessment since the system’s inception. I was part of the coordination team for my university’s submission in European Studies in RAE 2008 and in REF 2014 I was the lead co-ordinator for the submission in Area Studies.

My teaching experience is diverse: Anglophone, French, Hispanic, European and Comparative literatures; French and Spanish language and EFL; the geography and history of Spain; contextual studies in visual communications; research skills development for Masters and Doctoral students.

To have the opportunity to study and use foreign languages in my professional and personal life is one of the greatest privileges I have experienced. For this reason I am a relentless advocate of foreign language acquisition, particularly among English speakers in world and in an age where, one might argue, English often has too much say and then, frequently, says too much.

Research interests

My research interests reside principally in the domain of comparative European literature, with particular reference to the European fin de siècle (The reception of Francophone literature in Spain, literature and degeneration theory, cultures of translation). I am also interested in comparative literature’s evolution, its function and its methodologies function, with particular reference to transnationalism in literary studies: the problems and complexes of hegemonic Anglophone culture, and the role of foreign language competence in literary studies.

Membership of professional bodies

Professional Bodies and Associations

  • From April 2015: Co-Founder, Northern Comparative Literature Network.
  • January-April 2009: Visiting Fellow, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Research, research skills training of local doctoral students).
  • From 2000: Member of the Executive Committee of the British Comparative Literature Association (from 2012 as Co-Editor of the Association’s journal Comparative Critical Studies).

Editorial Responsibilities


Educational Qualifications

  • 1986: PhD ('The Influence of Charles Baudelaire in Spanish Modernismo'), University of Nottingham.
  • 1977: BA (Joint Honours) in French and Spanish (2:1), University of Nottingham.


  • English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), French (fluent), Italian (competent), Portuguese (competent), Bulgarian (basic competence).


Books and Book-Length Publications

  • 2013. The Reception of Francophone Literature in the Modernista Review Helios 1903-04. A Preliminary Study and Sourcebook (New York: Edwin Mellen Press).
  • 2013. Interrogating Gazes. Comparative Critical Views on the Representation of Foreignness and Otherness, edited by Montserrat Cots, Pere Gifra-Adroher and Glyn Hambrook (Bern; Berlin; Bruxelles; Frankfurt am Main; New York; Oxford; Wien: Peter Lang). 
  • 1998. Europe Real and Imagined. Proceedings of the Second International European Studies Conference, Varna, Bulgaria, 1997, edited by Paul Brett, Martin Dangerfield, Glyn Hambrook and Ludmila Kostova (Veliko Turnovo: PIC).
  • 1996. From East to West. Proceedings of the First International European Studies Conference, Varna, Bulgaria, edited by Martin Dangerfield, Glyn Hambrook and Ludmilla Kostova (Veliko Turnovo, PIC).

Refereed Journal Articles

  • 2016. ‘Literary Representations of Late Nineteenth-Century Racial Theory’, Coleção Hespérides. Literatura (forthcoming).
  • 2016. ‘Packaging a Posy of Perversity: Eduardo Marquina’s 1905 Translation of Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du mal’, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 93.9, pp. 981-994.
  • 2014. ‘”Quoiqu’elle ne pousse ni grands gestes ni grands cris . . . “: Comparative Literature in Great Britain’, Revue de Littérature Comparée, 4, pp. 393-408.
  • 2014. ‘”Practical Kabbala”: A Translation into English of Leopoldo Lugones’s “Kábala práctica” (1897)’, Short Fiction in Theory and Practice, 4.1, pp. 93-104. 
  • 2014. Further Reflections on Early Translations of Baudelaire in Spain 1876-1910’, French Studies Bulletin, 132, pp. 56-59.
  • 2012. ‘Exploiting a Possible World: The “Probable” or (F)actual World of Rafael de Zamora y Pérez de Urría’s Brain Machine’, Comparative Critical Studies (e-CCS) 9.3,  pp. 29-40.
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  • 1998. ‘Juan Ramón Jiménez’s French Sources’, New Comparison, 26, pp. 73-86.
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Chapters in Books

  • 2014. ‘Missives with a Mission: Enrique Gómez Carrillo’s Chronicles from Paris to the Hispanic World’, in Foreign Correspondence, edited by Jan Borm and Benjamin Colbert (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing), pp. 186-204.
  • 2013. ‘The Concept of the Foreign in Pompeyo Gener’s Literaturas malsanas and Enrique Gómez Carrillo’s Literatura extranjera, in Interrogating Gazes. Comparative Critical Views on the Representation of Foreignness and Otherness, edited by Montserrat Cots, Pere Gifra-Adroher and Glyn Hambrook (Bern; Berlin; Bruxelles; Frankfurt am Main; New York; Oxford; Wien: Peter Lang), pp. 137-144.
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Editions of Special Issues of Refereed Journals

  • 2015. ‘Non-Conventional Receptions of Baudelaire’, edited by Glyn Hambrook, Comparative Critical Studies, 12.3, pp. 217-238.
  • 2012. ‘Xenographies’, edited by Glyn Hambrook, Benjamin Colbert and Pedro Javier Pardo, Comparative Critical Studies, 9.2, pp. 125-130.
  • 2011. ‘Xenografías’, edited by Pedro Javier Pardo, Glyn Hambrook and Benjamin Colbert 1616: Anuario de Literatura Comparada, 1, pp. 17-24.
  • 2007. ‘Literature Travels’, edited by Benjamin Colbert and Glyn Hambrook,  Comparative Critical Studies, 4.2, pp. 165-173.

Conference Contributions 

  • 2014. ‘Consecration versus Exploration: The Place of Translation in the Anglophone British Literary System’, in Юбилейна Международна Конференция ’50 Години Великотърновски Университет “Св. Св. Кирил и Методий”.  Секция Филологически Факултет, edited by Hristo Bondjolov, Stoyan Panayotov Burov, Margreta Lyubomirova Grizorova, Verginiya Lyubomirova Koleva, Lyudmila Kostova and Boryana Bratanova (Veliko Turnovo: ‘Saints Cyril and Methodius’ University Press).
  • 2009. ‘La pluma se trocó en bisturí: modernidad y darwinismo finiseculares’, Tabula Rasa. Semiótica y Siglo XXI. Actas del II Congreso/XII Simposio de la Asociación Andaluza de Semiótica (October 2007), edited by Dominique Germaine Bonnet, Sonia Hernández Santano, Miguel Angel Márquez Guerrero (Huelva: Grupo de Investigación Jacobo del Barco. Fundación Juan Ramón Jiménez), pp. 41-56.
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  • 1996. ‘Comparative Literature and European Cultural Studies in a Modular Environment’, Europe from East to West. Proceedings of the First International European Studies Conference (Varna, Bulgaria, June 1996), pp. 267-277.

Commissioned Dictionary/Encyclopaedia Entries

  • 2009. ‘Baudelaire’, in Diccionario histórico de la traducción en España, edited by Francisco Lafarga and Luis Pegenaute (Madrid: Gredos), pp. 101-103. 

Book Reviews

  • 2008. Susan McCready, The Limits of Performance in the French Romantic Theatre (Durham: University of Durham Press, 2007), in Modern and Contemporary France, 16, pp. 501-502.
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Experience in industry

Supervision of PhDs: Completed


  • 2013: University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria (Co-supervision with Dr Ludmilla kostova): ‘Home and Homelessness in Two Versions of Modern Fiction: Salman Rushdie and Antoine de Saint Exupéry’ (Joint supervisor).
  • 2007: University of Paris IV-Sorbonne (Co-supervision with Professor Pierre Brunel; PhD with merit) ‘Le mythe des villes maudites dans les littératures française, anglaise et américaine du XX siècle. Une esthétique de l’entropie urbaine’ (Joint supervisor).

UK (Internal)

  • 2016: University of Wolverhampton (PhD: ‘Helen Maria Williams: The Purpose and Practice of Translation, 1789-1827’ (Second Supervisor).
  • 2012: University of Wolverhampton (PhD by publication) ‘Selected aspects of language contact in the case of Czech, with a particular focus on lexical borrowing and changing attitudes to the self and others’ (Director of Studies).
  • 2009: University of Wolverhampton (PhD) ‘Aura, Craft and Labour: The Critical Dialogue between Photography and Painting’ (Second Supervisor).
  • 2008: University of Wolverhampton (PhD) ‘Semi-Lexical Heads in Czech Modal Structures’ (Director of Studies).
  • 2000: University of Wolverhampton (PhD) ‘Jumeaux génériques? Nouvelle, poème en prose et avatars du genre dans l’oeuvre d’Aloysius Bertrand’ (Second Supervisor).

Supervision of PhDs: In Progress 

  • Estimated completion date 2016: University of Wolverhampton (PhD) ‘Weight Issues and Western Culture: Representations within Mainstream Cinema and Television’ (Director of Studies).
  • Estimated completion date 2016: University of Wolverhampton (PhD) ‘Writing Formations in Shakespearian Films’ (Director of Studies).

Examination of PhDs


  • January 2016: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (PhD – European Doctorate)
  • External Examiner PhD (Topic: A Critical and Textual Study of Fernando Pessoa’s English Characters and Personae).
  • October 2015: Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla (PhD – European Doctorate) External Examiner PhD (Topic: The Influence of Schopenhauer in the work of Joseph Conrad).
  • September 2015: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (PhD – European Doctorate)
  • External Examiner PhD (Topic: Representation and Reinterpretation of the Myth of the Wasteland in Anglo-American Literature).
  • February 2014: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (PhD – European Doctorate) External examiner PhD (Topic: The Rhetoric of Exceptionalism in President Obama’s Speeches on National Health.
  • December 2013: University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria (PhD) Examiner/co-supervisor (Topic: Home and Homelessness in Two Versions of Modern Fiction: Salman Rushdie and Antoine de Saint Exupéry).
  • February 2013: University of Salamanca (PhD – European Doctorate), External examiner PhD (Topic: Female Quixotes in British and American Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century).
  • May 2010: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (PhD – European Doctorate) External examiner PhD (Topic: Classical Influences in Anglo-American Gothic literature).
  • November 2007: Paris IV-Sorbonne (PhD) Supervisor/external examiner PhD, (Topic: The Cursed City in French, British and American Literature).
  • March 2006: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (PhD – European Doctorate) External examiner PhD (Topic: Nietzsche in Nineteenth-Century British Literature).

UK (Internal)

  • January 2013: University of Wolverhampton (PhD) ‘The Social History of the Black Country Dialect’.
  • December 2007: University of Wolverhampton (PhD) ‘The Cuban Novel of the 1950s’.
  • July2005: University of Wolverhampton (PhD by publication) ‘The Aesthetics of Walter Benjamin’.

Pre-Viva Examination Reports (International)

  • June 2011: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (PhD), External pre-viva evaluator, PhD (English Literature).
  • May 2009: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (PhD), External pre-viva evaluator, PhD (English Literature), Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Further information

Prestigious Appointments

  • January-April 2009: Profesor Visitante (Visiting Fellowship Award), Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

Plenary and Keynote Addresses

  • October 2015: ‘Ejes de la literatura comparada a principios del siglo XXI’, Conference ‘I Encuentro de jóvenes investigadores de la Sociedad Española de Literatura General y Comparada’, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.
  • November 2011: ‘El discreto encanto de la filología románica en el Reino Unido’, Conference ‘Filología románica hoy. I Encuentro de jóvenes investigadores y doctores en Filología Lingüística y Literaturas Románicas y áreas afines’ Complutense University Madrid.
  • June 2010: ‘En torno a las bibliotecas europeas y lo virtual: reflexiones desde una óptica anglo-hispánica’, Colloquium ’Bibliotecas para la ciudadanía europea: la memoria del futuro’, organized by the Real Sociedad Menéndez y Pelayo, Universidad Internacional Menéndez y Pelayo, Santander, Spain.
  • October 2007: ‘La pluma se trocó en bisturí: modernidad y darwinismo finiseculares’ Conference: ‘Tabula rasa: semiótica y siglo XXI’ organised by the Asociación Andaluza de Semiótica, University of Huelva, Spain.

Other Invited Participations

  • October 2014: Invited research seminar paper, ‘Literature in Transit’ Seminar Series of the Intercultural Poetics research Group, CEHUM (Humanities Research Centre), Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal.
  • April 2012: Invited contribution, ‘Dickens en Europa: del victoriano al anglosajón’, international colloquium, ‘Dickens en el mundo moderno’, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • December 2011: Invited contribution, ‘Baudelaire en Espagne’, international colloquium: ‘Baudelaire dans le monde’, organised by the W. T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA; the Centre de Recherche sur les poétiques de XIXe siècle, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, France; and the Centre de Recherche sur la Littérature Française des XIXe-XXIe siècles, Université Paris-Sorbonne, France.
  • May 2008: Seminar paper, Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies, University of Nottingham.
  • May 2007: Paper delivered at the conference in honour of the late Claudio Guillén (organised by SELGyC [Spanish General and Comparative Literature Association]), Department of English Philology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • March 2006: Paper delivered at the joint seminar series of the Faculties of Philology and Philosophy, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Conference Organization

Internal/National Conference Organisation

  • February 2016 : Co-organiser and host, Midlands Interdisciplinary Victorian Studies Seminar/Northern Comparative Literature Network, ‘Victorian Border Crossings’.
  • October 2015: Co-organiser, Northern Comparative Literature Network inaugural seminar, Birmingham City University.

International Conference Organisation

  • July 2016: Co-organiser, ‘Salvage’, XIV Triennial conference of the British Comparative Literature Association, University of Wolverhampton.
  • June 2015: Member of Scientific Committee, ‘Intercultural Poetics: Literary Representations of the Foreign Other’, organised by the INTCULTPOET Research Group, CEHUM, Universidade do Minho, Portugal.
  • September 2014: Co-organiser, ‘Borders and Crossings/Seuils et traverses: An International and Multidisciplinary Conference on Travel Writing’, organised by the Department of English and American studies, University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, and CTTR, UoW, University of Veliko Turnovo.
  • June 2012: Co-organiser, ‘On the Wane’: International Research seminar (University of Wolverhampton).
  • September 2011: Co-organiser and member of scientific committee, ‘Xenographies II’ (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona), trilingual (English/ Catalan/ Spanish). international conference, co-sponsored by SELGYC and BCLA (Spanish and British Comparative Literature Associations).
  • September 2009: Co-organiser, ‘Xenographies’ (University of Wolverhampton), bilingual (English/Spanish) workshop conference, co-sponsored by BCLA and SELGYC (British and Spanish Comparative Literature Associations).
  • June 2005: Co-organiser, ‘Literature Travels’ (University of Wolverhampton): bilingual (French/English) workshop conference sponsored by the BCLA.

Research Leadership and Management

  • April 2015: Founding member, Northern Comparative Literature Network.
  • From February 2010: Founding Co-director, Centre for Transnational and Transcultural Research, University of Wolverhampton.
  • From June 2011: Coordinator, Area Studies Unit of Assessment (for REF 2014).
  • From February 2010: Member, University Research Committee.
  • From June 2015: Member of Unit of Assessment Coordinators’ Group for Area Studies, Faculty of Arts.
  • From June 2014: Member Faculty Research Committee, Faculty of Arts.
  • From June 2014: Member of Readers and Professors Group, Faculty of Arts.
  • From 2003: Postgraduate Tutor (support, training and management of doctoral researchers).

Media Presence


  • Invited participation: ‘Word of Mouth’, BBC Radio 4, 19 July 2011:1600 [http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b012l253]; iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b012l253/Word_of_Mouth_Foreign_Language_Learning/


  • Feature article: ‘Britain Trumpets its diversity yet persists in its campaign of cultural ring-fencing’, Times Higher Education, 21 October 2010, pp. 40-41. (http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/story.asp?storycode=413899)