Staff at the School of Humanities

NameJob Title
Dr Andy Cooper
Head of School
Head of Department
English, Linguistics and Creative Writing
Creative & Professional Writing:
Course Leader Creative & Professional Writing
Creative & Professional Writing
Creative & Professional Writing
Visiting Lecturer in Creative Writing and PhD Researcher
Course Leader MA Popular Culture
Gabriela Steinke Course Leader MA English
Dr Deborah Orpin Course Leader English Language
Josiane Boutonnet English Language
Dr Aidan Byrne Course Leader English
Dr Nicola Allen English
Dr Daisy Black English
Dr Gerald Carlin English
Dr Benjamin Colbert Reader in English Literature
Dr Rosie Miles Reader in English Literature & Pedagogy
Judith Hamilton TESOL
Dr Tom Dickins Course Leader Linguistics
Professor Ruslan Mitkov Linguistics
Dr Irina Moore Linguistics
Marion West Director of the Research Institute for Linguistics & Information Processing
Head of Department of Religion, Philosophy and Cultural Heritage
Dr Meena Dhanda Course Leader Philosophy, Reader in Philosophy and Cultural Politics
Dr Stefano Pippa Philosophy
Religious Studies:
Dr Opinderjit Takhar Course Leader Religious Studies
Dr Stephen Gregg Religious Studies
Dr Crispin Dale Principal Lecturer, Learning & Teaching
Chijioke Obasi Principal Lecturer, Equality & Diversity