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Comment on tube strikes

Posted by: Professor Roger Seifert, Professor of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

The immediate cause of the current 24-hour tube strike on the London Underground is about staffing levels and associated society issues.

How will HE tackle the big issues in 2017?

Posted by: Andy Westwood - Director of the University Observatory

Brexit means Brexit and we will have to help Theresa May make the best of it, says Andy Westwood

Why Hygge Is The Word That Sums Up 2016

Posted by: Dr Ahmad Beltagui

In the list of new words to enter the dictionary in 2016 - Trumpism, Brexit, post-truth - hygge seems somewhat out of place. Or does it?

Brexit, Article 50 and some ‘Old Chestnuts’: Constitutional Law comes to Life.

Posted by: Professor Kate Moss and Lynn Ellison

Professor Kate Moss and Lynn Ellison, from the University of Wolverhampton’s Law School, take an in-depth look at Article 50.

M&S store closures: "Cost cutting exercises are often about keeping shareholders happy."

Posted by: Dr Stuart Farquhar, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Finance, Accounting, Systems and Economics

Expert comment on the news that retail giant Marks and Spencer is to close 60 stores in the UK

Multilingual Europe - the role of sign languages

Dr Christopher Stone, Senior Lecturer (Interpreting and Deaf Studies), recently spoke in the European Parliament

Cyber Security – Can we predict the future from the past?

Posted by: Tony Proctor - Principal Lectuer, Consultant and Information Security Researcher

Where do the future cyber threats lie?

The Burkini Ban and the Dangerous Consequences of Coercive Undressing

Posted by: Professor George Kassimeris and Dr Leonie Jackson

Images of armed police supervising the undressing of a Muslim woman on a Nice beach have gone viral in the last few days. The officers were apparently upholding the ban on the ‘burkini’, a swimsuit that covers the legs, arms and hair, and is contentious because of its religious connotations, read as provocative to the secular values of the French state.

How to Make the Most of Open Days

Posted by: By Ruth Round, Senior Education Guidance Adviser (Finance)

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Advice for ‘A’ Level Results Day

Posted by: By Ian Hart, Head of Access and Outreach

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