The University of Wolverhampton

League Tables

From January 2010 onwards the University has not appeared in any league tables produced by newspapers. We appeared in the Times league tables published in June 2009, in which our overall position improved, but this was the last time.

We believe that these tables disadvantage universities such as Wolverhampton as they are constructed using a methodology that does not accurately reflect the positive impact we make upon the communities we serve or represent a fair picture of our strengths. There are many published assessments of our performance.

The University of Wolverhampton has a history dating back 180 years and central to its mission is creativity and opportunity. Since 1835, as ‘The University of Opportunity’ we have been contributing to the social, economic and business regeneration of the Black Country, Staffordshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands.

The quality of our teaching and learning is assessed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), which reviews all UK higher education institutions. Following our 2009 QAA Audit, we received a glowing report which found ‘broad confidence’ (the highest level of commendation) in the University’s academic standards and the quality of the learning experience. We were also praised for outstanding support for students.

Our broad curriculum is co-designed with regulatory bodies, subjects such as Law, Pharmacy, Teaching, Nursing, and Engineering undergo strict inspections, so the highest industry standards are maintained.

In 2013, our National Student Survey satisfaction ratings stand at 83%, and our graduate employability is at 90%. Having an exceptional track record for knowledge transfer into the business world, we won the national Times Higher Award for Knowledge Transfer in June 2013. Our research was recognised as world leading in the last RAE exercise and as a result, our research funding allocation from the Higher Education Funding Council of c£2 million was the highest amount for any new university in the West Midlands. We have committed £6m investment into growing our research over the next few years.

This data is publicly available and more accurately represents the strengths of the University of Wolverhampton than the privately commissioned league tables.

Our Annual Report provides further data on the University and highlights some of our key successes, and the impact we make.

As ‘The University of Opportunity’ we recognise the needs of the diverse communities we serve, both regionally, nationally and globally. Our success and achievement is measured by giving individuals the opportunity to enhance their life chances to shape economic and social regeneration for the communities we serve.

The University of Wolverhampton is proud of its past, is recognised for its achievements to date, and confident of its future role in improving society for the benefit of all.