Staff Development Opportunities and Events

A number of training sessions are scheduled for the upcoming academic year. “Panopto Basics – Getting Started with Personal Capture” is a hands-on, bring-your-own-device session for anyone wanting to enhance their learning and teaching practice by creating and shareing video content.

Capture technologies like Panopto can support a range of teaching and learning approaches such as classroom flipping, capturing demonstrations or instructions, recording or streaming lectures, supporting distance learning, delivering video or audio feedback, screen captures and software demos,  producing supplementary materials and much more. This hands-on session will provide you with everything you need to know to start capturing video content using your university-managed computer/laptop or personally-owned device.

The session includes:

  • Best practices for Capture
  • How to capture content with Panopto
  • Editing and sharing captured content

A limited number of spaces are available so early booking via Agresso is recommended. For more details on the dates and locations of available sessions please visit the Organisational Development Webpages

Capture User Group Events

The College of Learning and Teaching periodically hosts events for any member of staff who is using or is interested in using Panopto to support their practice. The next Capture User Group is due to take place during early December 2016. Full details to be announced soon.