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Carbon Management - Stamp down CO

Carbon Management

Carbon Management - Stamp down CO2

Did you know that the higher education sector in England is responsible for emitting 3.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year?

What are we doing?

Since April 2009, Wolverhampton has been one of eleven universities participating in the Carbon Trust’s fifth HE Carbon Management programme.

Download: uow-cmp-final-21-april-2010.pdf (PDF 4,060K, Downloads file) (PDF - 3.96MB)

Latest news

  • On Friday 21 January the Carbon Management Team challenged WN and MC to go head-to-head and SWITCH OFF equipment. Find out who won.
  • The West Midlands has an aim to achieve a 30% reduction in its emissions by 2020 to be in line with the national target set in the Climate Change Act. Find out what opportunities are available regionally.
  • Carbon footprint, carbon reduction, carborexia, carbon economy… it can sometimes feel as though we’re being bombarded from all sides about carbon – and how to reduce our own, or our nation’s carbon emissions.

Recently completed projects

Harrison Learning Centre lighting control modifications

Annual carbon reduction: 50.8 tonnes

Draft proofing MA block windows

Annual carbon reduction: 65.3 tonnes

Insulation of valves and flanges (City Campus)

Annual carbon reduction: 152.8 tonnes

Full status update: Carbon reduction projects

How can you get involved?

Help stamp down CO2

Do you know what your carbon footprint is?

Try the Guardian's quick carbon calculator.